CEMX is a leading international online foreign exchange trading, CFD trading and related service provider. CEMX is aware of the doubts and concerns of traders at different stages of the financial market. Therefore, at the beginning of establishment, we have strictly integrated the senior global professional team, and made clear the enterprise development purpose of rebuilding customer confidence and reducing customer risk. Cemx continues to expand in a global way. It has been licensed by the US financial conduct authority (NFA), with a regulatory number and an internationally recognized license.


The mission of CEMX is to reach the largest and most liquid market in the world by providing innovative trading tools, employing excellent trading instructors, achieving strict financial standards and striving to provide the best online trading experience in the market. At the same time, customers can enjoy the advantages of mobile trading, one shot trading and real-time chart trading. In addition, cemx also provides foreign exchange trading education courses, as well as trading tools, exclusive data and noble resources, in order to achieve the best trading environment for customers.


Friendly tip: CEMX will not obtain any transaction password of the customer in any name (financial management, trading, etc.). CEMX will not replace the customer’s deposit in any name, and all the deposit in and out requests are made on the customer’s own initiative. The customer shall protect the security of his / her own trading account password, and shall not disclose the trading account number and password to any third party. In case of any disclosure or other forms of cooperation with any third party other than cemx, the customer shall bear the risk that may arise, which has nothing to do with CEMX company.